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This site is for those people that would like their AOL/AIM User ID, and/or email address listed for others to locate.

This will help dart players find and contact each other. I will only add a person to the list at their request.

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New Jersey

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AOL or AIM User ID

Name / Nickname



Steel/Soft Tip
norm5tra5 Norm Bennett email Norm Pompton  Lakes, NJ Steel
dinkowitz10 Ray Bennett email Ray Bloomingdale, NJ Steel
Bob1408 Bob Dietz email Bobby D Pompton Lakes, NJ Both
Pitt fan63 Ken Garafalo email Ken Butler, NJ Steel
Vince Holmes email Vince Lincoln Park, NJ Steel
KeithNyst Keith Nystrom email Keith Wayne, NJ Steel
United Sports Eq Jimmy O'Connell email Jimmy O Riverdale, NJ Steel
JHR2327 Jimmy Regeling email Jimmy Pompton  Lakes, NJ Steel
John Ronnholm email John Lincoln Park, NJ Steel
  Pete Smith email Pete Lincoln Park, NJ Both



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